Charles Delhaes

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Each canvas gives Charles Delhaes the opportunity to create something new, to give the best of himself and to reflect his love for painting, this alchemical art.

Serving beauty and expressing his emotions, depositing light and making colours vibrate: this is what he has received and conceived over the course of these long years. He shares his works with you, through your own vision, to reveal a part f yourself…

Born in Liège (Belgium) in 1948, Charles Delhaes has resided in
Canada, Portugal and Paris for
seventeen years. He lives exclusively from his painting, devoting
all his time to it. His works of art are sold all over the world
to the delight of passionate collectors. After having
assiduously attended the Louvre and immersed himself in the
teachings of the great Masters of the past, he forged his
mastery, his style and his own modern and innovative
language. Each canvas – whether structured or lyrical, abstract
or inspired, resulting from experiences of taste or
musical experiences, but also interpretations of masterpieces –
expresses his love for the wonderful art of painting.
He also expresses his creativity through the design of furnishings
(sideboards, coffee tables, vases, carpets…) as well as
in interior design. He devotes his entire life to Art,
concerned with honouring beauty and vibrations to delight the soul of each
and everyone.

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