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Long-time photographer Ewa Dziengielewicz lived in Poland for years before moving to Belgium just after the fall of Berlin Wall. She started studying law in Poland and graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Belgium. Photography became her favourite means of expression and she started her professional career in press photography, advertising photography and private photography with a focus on pregnancy and newborn. Her work is a journey to different worlds: politics, architecture, the world of entertainment, drama…

” We think we have understood everything, when in fact… In an instant, everything changes again and brings us to a new artwork that we try to capture forever in our lens. The picture seems to pop up, to move, to float in a liquid, all with very changing and varied colours,” says the artist.

After receiving positive reviews, Ewa Dzjengielewicz decided to exhibit her work. In 2011, she exhibited a work untitled: “glasses, liquids and lights”. She invites the viewer to participate in an interaction where real experience is opposed to the reproduction of reality. The quest for aesthetics opens up an unknown horizon through a spectrum of colours. The next step is a double quest where the viewer is supposed to dive into another, distant world, the world of dreams and colours. A new series is a celebration of freedom and fluidity. Light and music add some virtuosity to that series.

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