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In 1972, after six years of studies in drawing, painting, sculpture, anatomy, art history and interior architecture, Hoo graduated from the Royal Academy and Higher Institute of Architecture of the City of Liège with the highest distinction and the government medal. In 1977, the architect and urban planner Claude Strebelle selected Hoo based on his motivations and skills. He associated Hoo with his office and entrusted him with the task of creating an open-air museum. The centre was to be dedicated to the integration of the plastic arts into the natural and human environment, particularly into architecture. The artist was entrusted with the creation of a museum on the university campus of Sart Tilmain in Liège as part of its development and its policy of openness. He managed and ran it for nearly 20 years. Meanwhile, Sart-Tilman open-air museum made possible the integration of 80 monumental works of art into the site and hosted major exhibitions, thanks to the decentralisation policy of the Ministry of Culture and the participation of the greatest artists of the French community in Belgium. From 1996 to 2000, Hoo was appointed lecturer of sculpture and drawing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liege and the Academy of Fine Arts in Arlon. In 2000, he was tasked by the Province of Liège to curate and organize annual exhibitions of monumental works of art in the parks and gardens of Château de Jehay Provincial domain. To do this, he received the support of artists from all over the world who live in Belgium or in the neighbouring countries such as Netherlands, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France.


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