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Exhibition at Buronzu Gallery until 24/11/21

Moshi Moshi « Pop Geometry »

Do you know Moshi Moshi? It is a universe of shapes and colours, on the border between contemporary art and design. The public will have the opportunity to discover paintings, ceramics or even objects customised by the duo of artists behind the double M studio.

Moshi Moshi, made in Liege!
Moshi Moshi is indeed the result of a beautiful meeting and an artistic connection between two artists from Liège: Philippe Knoops, visual artist, graphic designer, and Caroline Descamps, communication and public relations professional inhabited by an artistic spirit. A perfect union between quiet strength and fiery effervescence.
An explosive cocktail that will soon give birth to the Moshi Moshi concept. In early 2018, they created their first design from a small workshop in the heights of Liège. Success came quickly. On stage like in the city, both partners are making their art, rugs and other exclusive creations known across the Atlantic

Who is the artist-designer Philippe Knoops?
The work of the artist and designer; Philippe Knoops (moshi moshi), is a pure and very efficient pop patchwork. Eclectic when it comes to techniques and media (paintings, drawings, frescoes, collages and screen prints), he has managed to create a paradoxically coherent universe. The artist’s vision of the world is certainly graphic and smooth, but more subversive than it seems.
There is a radiant side to Moshi Moshi that is even dominant. Using dancing lines and striking colours to catch the eye gently, addressing without shocking, raising awareness without giving lessons, the painter gives life to a resolutely positive imagery.

After a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège, Philippe Knoops continued his studies in Graphic Design. He worked for ten years in the field of visual communication before leaving everything to devote himself solely to painting.
As a successful visual artist, he has a well-filled backlog and numerous exhibitions to his credit in
Belgium and abroad (Amsterdam, Montreal, Cologne, London, Paris).

Press contact: Caroline Descamps – 0496/297135 – 0476/854412

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