Printed Carpets

The tufted carpet process involves inserting strands wool yarns into a backing cloth to form the pile. The industrial machines consist of a row of needles that stitch the cloth at high speed along its entire length.

Regarding printed carpets, the pile of the basic carpet is white, so that the light colors are faithful to the model. A huge caterpillar-mounted printer prints the design on the carpet in a slow back and forth movement.

Most qualities are made of polyamide. The top quality is made of 80% wool and 20% polyamide. However, the sharpness of the print is superior on polyamide.

Technical Specifications

  • Width : 400 cm
  • Minimum length : 25 m (100 m²)
  • Colours maximum : 12
  • Colours references : your choice (ARS, Pantone, Ral, etc.)
  • Resolution : 1 pixel = 1 mm printed


  • 800 gr (polyamide)
  • 1000 gr (polyamide)
  • 200 gr (polyamide)
  • 400 gr (polyamide)
  • 680 gr (polyamide ou 80% laine/20% polyamide)


60 x 60 cm – 20 €/pce – 8 working days + express courier delivery time.

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Printed Carpets

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