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Premium custom-made rugs

Unique pieces, series or customized collections.

Creation of contemporary rugs for the most innovative decorations in hand-knotted and hand-tufted techniques, as well as Wilton, Axminster and printed weaves.

Worldwide delivery.

Our know-how
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From design
to manufacture

1 Choice of pattern

Send us your design or get inspired by with our “collections“. Based on different techniques of manufacture, we assess the feasibity of a project. When necessary, we adjust it and present a design for approval.

2 Choice of colours

We rely on international standards such as Pantone, Chromatone, RAL, ARS. Additionally, we have our own BSL colour scheme. Textiles or wallpapers may also be used as references. To ensure compliance of dyes, samples can be submitted for validation before weaving.

3 Computer generated patterns

The chosen design is laid out in the exact proportions of the rug. Colours to be used are identified and numbered. The design project must be approved by the manufacturer and then by the customer.

4 Simulation

A simulation of the final output is then made. If a picture of the receiving room is available, the simulated rug is inserted into it. With these steps, we ensure that the rug we receive is what was expected.

We are committed to respecting ethical & environmental rules

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