Bausol provides quality rugs, all handmade, from Indian, Nepalese or Chinese factories, that practice weaving in the traditional way.

Artisanal way

Bausol offers high-end rugs, all handmade, from Indian, Nepalese or Chinese manufacturers.

We are committed to respecting ethical and environmental rules or internationally recognised standards, and we favour the use of vegetable-based dyes. We offer some 100% natural collections of hand-knotted rugs from India or Nepal made of vegetable-based dyes such as Keshu phool, Majit, Harrey, Padam chaal, Ratan jot, Fitkari, Indigo, etc.

We pay regular visits to the weaving workshops. Our rugs manufacturers agreed to submit to our Care & Fair control allowing us to ensure that requirements concerning ethical and responsible working conditions are met along with the respect of the environment.

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Bausol creates and develops contemporary, high-end, luxury handmade rugs for you.

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